Special LSDA Members Meeting – December 2nd

All LSDA Members,

On Tuesday, December 2nd, we will be holding a special meeting at our weekly dance to vote on an amendment to the LSDA bylaws.  This amendment is intended to allow the LSDA board a method for establishing how an LSDA board member is to be compensated for serving as a DJ or Instructor at an LSDA sponsored event, by presenting a proposal to the general LSDA members that covers that topic.  We will also vote on a proposal by the current LSDA board that establishes how an LSDA board member is to be compensated.

You may vote by ballot at the meeting on December 2nd, or you may e-mail your vote to the LSDA Secretary, Lindsay Starbird, before the December 2nd meeting.  A follow up e-mail will be sent out with more information on absentee voting.

General Outline of Special Meeting

1.       Vote on Proposed Amendment:  This will allow the LSDA board to make the proposal to the general members

2.       Vote on Compensation Proposal: This establishes how current LSDA board members will be compensated for being a DJ or Instructor at an LSDA event.

The Amendment and Compensation Proposal are shown in this e-mail for your review.  An excerpt from the LSDA bylaws regarding voting on amendments is included for reference.

Amendment to Bylaws

Once each year, the general LSDA membership will approve terms regarding compensation for LSDA board members serving a voluntary position at any LSDA event as set forth in each compensation proposal.

2014-2015 Membership Year Proposal:

Compensation for LSDA board members who serve as an instructor or DJ at an LSDA sponsored event shall be admitted into said event free of charge.  Such compensation shall also apply to board member instructors who teach at an LSDA sponsored workshop and accompanying dance.

Excerpt from LSDA bylaws regarding voting on amendments:

Approval of Amendments

These bylaws may only be amended by a unanimous vote of the officers of the board and a simple majority of the general members at a meeting called specifically for that purpose and pursuant to Article 3 Section 4.