Annual Meeting

Its time for our Annual Meeting!! Please note the important information below regarding the meeting and Board Nominations.Vote 1

What: Annual Meeting
Where: Stafford Fitness, 2111 Courthouse Dr.
When: Tuesday, March 17 at 9:30pm (following Tuesday night dance)
Details: Annual meeting will briefly review a financial summary of the last year, member benefits, etc.

Board Nominations for LSDA:
– President: Mike Westervelt
– Vice President: Stephen Camp
– Treasurer: Charles Starbird
– Secretary: Shawna Westervelt
– Member at Large: Dennis Rand

Will need to vote on the 2015 – 2016 Proposal for Board Member/DJ/Instructor compensation as shown below:
2015-2016 Membership Year Proposal:
Compensation for LSDA board members who serve as an instructor or DJ at an LSDA sponsored event shall be admitted into said event free of charge. Such compensation shall also apply to board member instructors who teach at an LSDA sponsored workshop and accompanying dance.